Summer Haul

I've got some new stuff that I've wanting to share with ya, and I finally got around to uploading photos so lets get started! :)

I'm a long time Avon lover, the quality is good and the prices are great! The only thing I don't like is the whole ordering from a catalog thing. Maybe it's just me but I really like seeing stuff in person! I've been needing some new eye shadow to replace my go-to colors (don't you hate it when your favorites run out?) and when I saw these two palettes I decided to go for it. Eye shadow is one products I've never used from Avon but I am definitely a fan now! It goes on smooth and blends really well I thought. Click here to see this shadow in store.

This is a dress I won from DownEast Basics, you can see it in store here. I ordered the XS and found the sizing to be nearly perfect! I was hoping that the length wouldn't be too long as I'm on the short side, but it hits me right below my knee which is great. It was a little low in the front on me I thought, but that isn't a problem, I just added a cami underneath. Voila. I am pleased with the quality but have only worn it once so I'm still curious to see how good the shape and fabric will last!

Isn't the tag cute? I thought so. ^_^

Oh this dress. I love this dress. On a whim trip to the mall last week with my mom, whilst in a store that I wasn't looking at clothing for myself, I saw it. Knit... knit is my favorite. It skims over everything so nicely and is really comfortable. Emphasis on comfort. I like comfort. ^_^ It was simple and not exactly what I usually pick out to wear but I decided to try it on. And wow am I glad that I did! It fits really well, is the perfect length, and I lovve that it has wide straps & a higher neckline so that I don't have to layer underneath it. Plus the sleeve area fits nice and snug so there isn't any gaping or bra peeking. It has a cool drape to the front that is connected to pockets, which obviously are awesome. Who doesn't love pockets? I have already been wearing it a lot and have found that it is going to transition into fall very good as it looks really cute with boots and a cardigan! (yes it was that cold here last week... eww. Why is Summer so messed up this year?) Oh, and it looks a little see through in the above photo, I don't know why, but it's not in real life! :)

More dress details. BTW the brand is Jake's, and I bought it at Peek & Cloppenburg for $16.

Last but definitely not least... the newest hat in my collection! :) I am a huge fan of stripes that are so in style this season but have had a hard time actually finding ones that I like, to buy. I actually don't think I have any striped clothing, but I've gotten some cute striped accessories this year. This hat being one of them! I love newsboy caps and the material and print on this one is just darling. I think I spent $5 on it if I remember correctly.


Well there you go, hope that I didn't bore you to much! :) I have a few more dresses to show you but that will have to wait till a later post. I've never owned very many dresses, but I love how easy and put together they are. So this year I decided to mainly just shop for dresses. If possible, ones that I could wear through more than just one season and would make good wardrobe staples. I didn't have very good luck in my search for a long time, but in the past two weeks I've found three! Yay! I'm very excited to have found good deals for great versatile dresses. I'd still like to get a few more, but now that I have my fill of knit I'm looking to get some heavier dresses that will work for Fall and Winter. Okay enough rambling on my part! :) Until next time,


  1. Oh my goodness, I have to same two eyeshadow sets! I love them and yes, I get disappointed when my favorite color runs out because my normal "go to shades" are sparkly light purple and baby blue.

    I love the hot pink dress! Very cute! I agree that it looks a little too low cute, so I LOVE cami's because not only does it make it modest, but it adds another touch of color.


  2. lovely dresses! the second one looks amazing.


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