Shout It! Fashion Show ~ {Day 7}

{Day 7}

Wow, this is the final day! :) It's been a good week and I want to thank Natasha for holding this event, it has been very fun seeing everyone's great (modest!) outfits. It is encouraging to see other young ladies out there trying to dress in a modest yet fashionable manner! Keep it up girls, you are doing wonderful. :) Ok on to my last outfit, this is actually a maxi dress that I scored for $10 last year. I love the print and material however the way the top part fits it makes me look rather pregnant! So usually I just layer a shirt or cardigan over it, add a belt, and voila. :)

{the specs}

maxi dress - Dress Barn
tee - Terranova (of course!)
belt - Macy's
flip flops (again!) - Old Navy
necklace - Brighton
bracelet - made by my sister


  1. Pretty! I love maxi dresses. I really enjoyed checking out all of your outfits for the fashion show- too bad it's over. Keep up the great fashion taste!

  2. Fantastic idea and this outfit looks so pretty!

  3. Beautiful outfit! What a neat idea! I never thought of layering things like that, but it looks great!

  4. wow...that is really gorgeous. i love the colors. and what a great deal on the dress! ive always wanted one but usually they are so $$$!

  5. Cute! Love what you did with the dress, it's really pretty. The belt adds such feminity to the top.

  6. Very cute! I would love to wear that outfit to church.

    -Hannah Rebekah

  7. Beautiful outfit! Love the dress and the belt and the top! Maxi dresses are the best ^^


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