Shout It! Fashion Show ~ {Day 3}

{Day 3}

It's a good thing I had planned to schedule posts this week a day ahead of time because I ended up with the stomach flu yesterday!! :p Blehh. (there is nothing worse than that IMO!) I am feeling much better today, Thank God (!) but am still very weak. So my outfit today isn't anything super special, mainly comfort clothes. ;D

{the specs}

tee - Terranova. (same as the tee on day one just another color!)
cami - i cut off the tag so not sure ?? hehe.
skirt - Lucky Brand via Ebay. (my favorite long jean skirt, i'm afraid i've worn it out so badly! it's usually not so loose on me but considering i lost 7 pounds yesterday its hanging a bit. XD)
necklace - Brighton (it's one of those unique pieces that ends up going with almost anything! i love it!)
And no shoes! I'm barefoot today. :)

PS oh the red you see on my thumbnail is from a sample swatch I did in a store a few days ago that is now rather chipped. hehe. I really need to take it off, it looks horrid! lol.


  1. Poor you! Stomach flu is horrid. Will be praying for you!

  2. I HATE the stomach bug!!!! Im glad your better!
    Nice outfit!!


  3. Glad you're feeling better!

  4. awwww keep getting better, Marie!

  5. LOL! You dress much better when your sick than I do! ;) Cute outfit! When I'm sick, mom can always tell, because I come out in horrendous outfits!!!LOL!

  6. Thanks everyone! I am doing much better now. ^_^


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