Shout It! Fashion Show ~ {Day 2}

It's still not to late to enter! If you'd like to be apart of Natasha's Shout It! Fashion Show click here to find out more. :)

{Day 2}

Today I'm off to the city to run errands all day! I'm also going to lunch with my sister... hmm I'm thinking Italian. Or maybe we should just go for dessert instead, I think cream puffs and eclairs make for a pretty swell lunch, no? ^_^ hehe. Okay, onto the photos for today.... (sorry they are a bit blown out!)

{the specs}

jacket - Dateless
top - Authentic Clothing Co.
skirt - Shade Clothing (won it in a giveaway!)
shoes - Ccn't remember the brand! but I got them at Famous Footwear
belt - came with a shirt from Macy's
earrings - Meli Melo
bracelet - Aeropostale


  1. Very cute!!!
    I LOVE your earrings!!
    As a little kid wpuld say "Gosh you gots lots of cute stuff!!":)

  2. Your shoes are darling! I get a feeling you have good taste in shoes. :-)

  3. Beautiful outfit once again! You are good, girl. ;D

  4. That is so cute! I love the top with the belt... and the earrings... (and the skirt... and the shoes....) -- the whole outfit looks great! :)

  5. I had not see this outfit,it's great! I love the jacket and they are so in right now,awesome way to wear it.

  6. I really, really like your top and belt! Adorable.


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