Save it for a Rainy Day

It seems like this Summer has been rather rainy worldwide this year. I love the rain, even if it does get old day, after day, after week, after month! :) But really, I do love it. A lot of my friends hate going out in the rain but I've found that if you just take some simple precautions that it's not a big deal at all! Here are some simple things I practice when getting dressed for a rainy day.


- Bring an umbrella! I hate using umbrellas, they are such a pain to carry around and it seems that I never have enough hands. But if there is a downpour or even if it's only lightly sprinkling, an umbrella helps greatly to keep you dry and happy. You can get tiny ones that fit into your purse or (personally) I like the walking umbrellas with the curved handle like this one.

-Wear a hat. When it's rainy outside I start my outfit by choosing what hat I'm going to wear first! I am a hat obsessed girl so I have many to choose from, all different colors, prints, and styles depending on my mood. My favorite and most worn hats are actually the two baseball caps I own. Classy, I know. ^_^ But for dresser days I like my newsboy cabby hats! The great thing about wearing a hat is that your hair doesn't have to be perfect. I usually don't really even style it, I simply do some sort of twisted or braided updo that sits low on the nape of my neck. Voila. Looks great and no one ever has to know what is going on underneath that hat. ^_^ hehe

-If hats are out of the question, try putting your hair up. I put a good amount of smoothing cream in my hair before pulling it back to a chignon and pinning my bangs back with bobbie pins. I've found that even heavy rain doesn't bother my hair in this style and even if it does, I just redo it quickly and it still looks fine.

-Go easy on the makeup. I don't wear much anyways but I tend to go even barer on rainy days. Especially be careful with your eye makeup, it can streak really bad in the rain! Be sure and use waterproof products. I tend to use waterproof eye liner and mascara on most days anyway as I find it stays longer and better.

-Be cautious in shoe choice. Flip flops are a bad idea along with most low sandals. Having wet feet is not fun and can result in blisters! ouch. I usually opt for flats in Summer rain and just avoid the puddles. Don't be shy from wearing wellies either! They come in so many cute styles now and can look great with casual outfits. :) Sneakers and cowboy boots are also rainy day footwear staples I turn to.

-It's a good idea to layer! Bring along a light cardigan or jacket because even in the Summer it can get chilly after the rain. Freezing is not fun.


Here are some sets I've made on Polyvore in the rainy day category. They don't follow a lot of the rules mentioned above (! lol.) but I still thought I'd share them with you. :)

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~For those rainy Summer days~Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Hope you enjoyed!
What do you think about rainy days? How do you usually dress for them?


  1. Haha, see, I don't mind wearing my flip flops in the rain. I'm just weird like that. I'd LOVE to get some wellies, but I never can find ones with a wide enough calf <_<

  2. Good choices and tips :) I got totally rained on yesterday without an umbrella or a hat. It was pretty bad. Ironically, shoes with heels or wedges are the way to go in this kind of weather.

    Did you ever get your rings that I sent?

  3. Hey Marie, you said you might follow if I started a Modesty blog - well...instead of starting a brand new one, I decided to make Pais Charos Creations (www.paischaroscreations.net) my sewing, crafting, modesty, and purity blog! Please check it out! :)

  4. @Pais, Haha I wore flip flops in the rain today actually! Will go check out your blog later and follow. :)

    @Rachel, Yes heels and wedges are great for the rain, I agree! I haven't checked my mail in a few days but I think it's probably here. Will let you know when I get them!

  5. I love love love LOVE the outfits that you put together! Very cute! I need to stop by that site. :-)

    I enjoyed reading those rainy day nessecities! Thanks for sharing with us.



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