My thoughts on modest swimwear.

Considering the past week has been sweltering I have been day dreaming about crystal clear pools, hawaiian waterfalls, lazy rivers, and well... all that good stuff! :) Modest swimwear is a highly talked about issue and one I think is important. Swimming is a very enjoyable and relaxing past time, especially in the Summer! However, in a world full of tiny bikini's, what's a modest girl to wear? I am not one for having double standards. I do not find it acceptable to walk around in my undergarments publicly, so why would I think to wear them in a pool setting and find it ok? Now I know we all have our individual convictions and standards... I respect that! I have friends that swim in outfits like these, and friends that choose to swim in a one piece. I usually wear a skirted tankini. Three different versions of modesty and you know what? We have a blast and I never give it a second thought. The examples given below are just my personal opinion and what I consider to be modest and pleasing to God! :) Alright, onto the fun stuff!

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One piece suits are definitely back "in" this year, I have seen so many cute ones! One piece suits went though a rather frumpy stage for a while, but are back cuter than ever. A lot of them are inspired by retro vintage fashion and of course, I'm a huge fan. :) If you want more coverage, consider adding a pair of board shorts or a coverup skirt. (The skirt pictured above is actually a tennis skirt!) Or you can always slip on a coverup (I am loving the one above, how pretty!) or a sarong for a little bit more coverage out of the water.

Modest Swimwear Pt 2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

How about improvising and making your own tankini? The best part about this is that you can mix and match to your heart's content. It might take a bit of shopping around to put it all together but I think this is a great option! All of the outfits shown above feature nike sports wear. A lot of athletic tank tops have a built in bra and tennis skirts sometimes come with the bottoms attached. They might look a bit too sporty for some girls tastes but I definitely think it's an attractive but still modest way to swim!

Modest Swimwear Pt 3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Lastly, you can always find super cute and modest suits online from specialized boutiques. The only downfall is that they are also usually on the pricy side! In defense of that, they usually do last you a really long time so it makes it not hurt so badly. :) Of course, keep in mind that you might want to fix suits up a little to meet your modesty needs, for example, add a swim skirt/fill in the neckline/layer a tank under/etc. I pictured a few cute suits above that I found, but I am going to list my favorite modest swim resources for you to check out below.

And here are some other retailers that have modest swimwear options.

I have suits from the above two stores and will share and review on them both later! :)
So now I have a few questions for you,

What do you consider to be modest when it comes to swimwear, and what do you usually wear?


  1. Cool post! What I usually wear is a tankini top and boy short bottoms. (I'm not comfortable in the regular swimsuit bottom.)

    I love your blog, by the way! :)

    - Ellyn


  2. I am glad to find a girl who also wants to wear modest swim wear.

    I found a modest tankini for my swim suit this year and I walked out of the dressing room expecting for it to only be my mom standing outside of it so I could have my mom check it to make sure it was up to modesty standards at our house. To my surprise, there was another lady standing out there waiting for a dressing room infront of my mom. Imediatly she said, "Oh my goodness! That swimsuit is so modest and REALLY cute!" It made my day, lol!


  3. Great post! I have a tankini and a bottom that has a skirt. I love the look of the skirt bottoms better.

  4. I'm not comfortable in normal swim bottoms either! :) I like swim skirts the best!! And board shorts can be really nice if you are moving around a lot.

  5. To be honest, I haven't even found the right swimwear. It makes me sad. I'm probably going to try to sew my own. I'm looking for a swimsuit with a high neckline, full butt coverage (with or without a skirt), vintage-looking or just with a unique style, quality, and for an inexpensive price! Even modest swimwear show cleavage sometimes... I'd really like to find one soon!


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