In attempt to salvage my room.

Guess who just took a giant Ikea run to stock up on a serious amount of storage bins and miscellany? *raises hand* ^_^ I am trying to fix up my room this Summer. It's one of the items on my Summer To Do List that I'm working on this year. My room was completely remodeled a few years back but never got the finishing touches. It was such a major job, that I ended up taking a break from it all for what I thought would be a few months and well, ahem, it's still awaiting those finishing touches! :) I like the design and layout of my room, but it definitely needs some help in the style and organization category. I've messed around with several color palettes resulting in a random miss matched room. (k, I'm a little embarrassed about that) But after taking stock off everything I've collected in the past few years I've decided on using black and white as my basis. I have a few light touches of soft lime & lavender also but it seems to blend well with the B&W I've been working on.

Painting my furniture black was the first major step, although I've kept a few pieces in the natural wood form to give it some balance. It was hard work (I am now quite the good painter if I do say so myself! hehe) but the end product is brand new looking, glossy black furniture! I'm very happy with the outcome! :)

Now I'm moving on to organizing my closet, craft supplies, and miscellaneous stuff in my room. Naturally, Ikea met almost all of my needs, I just love that store! :) Here are some of the boxes & such that I picked up this weekend. I've put them all together but haven't started transferring my stuff into them yet! Eeeek. Let's just say that my room is a major disaster at the moment. :)

I'm planning on filling in with unique and hopefully antique pieces that I can find. We'll see how it all goes! :) Hope I didn't bore you too much... I'm just so excited about hopefully coming out of Summer with a *finished* and *complete* room. :) Stay tuned for more posts as I make progress!

Happy Sunday!

all images via Ikea.com


  1. I have not been to the Ikea store near where I live at yet, but I will have to do so with my girlfriends! I am naturally a neat freak so that store and what you are currently doing to your room....organzing it....would be right up my alley! Good luck on getting your room organized! :)

  2. Not fair! I loved going to Ikea when I lived near one, but now am totally out of it.
    I need to get to doing some stuff to my room too, thanks for the motivation.


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