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I love do-it-yourself projects. There is such sweet satisfaction in making something yourself, no matter how simple it may be! And I love doing crafty stuff with my hands, it's a fun and enjoyable way to spend your spare time whether you're alone or maybe with some friends. But, I'll be the first to admit that, ahem, I am NOT the most creative or talented person out there! In fact I am rather clumsy and tend to be all thumbs at times with all the artsy stuff, so believe me when I say I like easy projects. With simple & easy to understand instructions. *hehe*

I've been on the prowl the past couple of days searching for some fun and easy DIY tutorials to do this Summer. I am going to try to get my mom to teach me how to sew this Summer also, so I am really excited about that! Some of the tutorials I found online were so fabulous I just had to share them with you all, so here are a dozen of my favorites! Enjoy!! :)


- Summer Leather Bracelets. Ohhh *love*.... definitely trying to make these babies soon! They are so cute!

- More Leather Bracelets. I have a thing for little touches of leather, its tough but looks fantastic when paired with girly elements like ruffles and lace.

- Camera Strap. I get bored with my plain old black Canon SLR strap, wouldn't it be cute to have your pick of cute slip covers? It's like being able to dress up your camera every day! *squee*

- Bookend Wall Bracket. For things like flowers you know. This is such a genius idea, I can't believe I never thought of this before!

- Fabric Covered Thumbtacks. I have always loved these and now I can make them myself thanks to this little tutorial. :)

- Summer Picnic Bouquet. Not that I am getting married soon or have a need for a bouquet ;D But I am bookmarking this beautiful DIY bouquet for future reference. Isn't it gorgeous?

- 20 Minute Tote Bag. Raise you hand if you are a tote bag addict *raises hand* Aren't these just great?

- Ruffled Tee. Love this so very much but it looks hard from a beginners eyes! Maybe I can convince my mom to make me one? :)

- Hemline Headbands. How fun! Hair accessories would make great gifts for friends, no?

- Felt Monsters. So I kinda have a thing for little monsters, they are so cute and always make me smile. Would also be a great gift idea I think!

- Flower Hair Pins. More cute accessories!

- Pencil Skirt. Made from a man's shirt of all things, I think it looks fantastic and is something I'd wear a lot!


  1. Thanks for posting these!! I have already made bunches of the 1st bracelets!! I love em!!
    I made the ruffeled shirt! It is very e-z to make!
    I cant wait to see how all your things turn out!!


  2. ooh thanks so much for these links! =D


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