Cheering Myself Up

I had a bad day yesterday. And was in a really bad mood. I admit! *_* Everything and everyone was grating on my nerves and I wasn't handling it to well. (!) Gahh, don't you hate those kind of days? I don't get them often but it seems like when I do they are just horrible. I guess like they say, when it rains, it pours. I just kept messing everything up. Anyways. :) I was thrilled to get two beautiful packages in the mail though from giveaways that I won last month! It really cheered me up and so here are some photo's of how I ended my day. It might have started bad but it ended well. :)

Here is the lovely set of nail polish from the giveaway I won from Jocy at Lacquer Obsession. She has a beautiful blog

And the gorgeous lucite rings sent to me by Rachel at A la Modest! :)

I tried taking photos of the rings on my hand but wow, I never knew how hard it was to take photos of your hand with a 50mm lens! Haha. Definitely not easy! ;D Forgive the blurriness.

Thank you Rachel, I love the rings! As a little side note, I usually can't wear rings for very long without breaking into hives. But I was thrilled to wear these all day without a problem! I have never worn lucite rings (I have no idea why?) and after finding they don't irritate my skin, I think that I found my new favorite ring material. :) I'm so excited and am already looking for more to add to my new addiction. ;D

Again with the hand photos. So hard! :) But I really wanted to show you my skittles manicure I did with all the new polish I got. I love how it turned out and it makes me smile every time I look down and see them! My mom saw them and said, "wow, you're definitely still a teenager." :) Hey, what's the point of being young if you can't have fun?

Another attempt to get a good photo.

But I finally resorted in asking someone to take a photo of them for me! I definitely don't have the prettiest nails on the planet and I'm horrible at giving myself manicures. Seeing all the amazing manicures on other blogs I'm a little shy in posting these nail photos! I've always been a teeny bit self conscience of my hands, and I usually keep my nails short because I play the guitar. But I love how girly it makes me feel to have my nails painted! It's fun and gives me 'i feel pretty, oh so pretty' moments. :) hehe. So hope you liked seeing the photos even if they aren't perfect.

I've got some new clothes and such that I want to share with you on the blog so stay tuned for a new post soon! Xo, marie


  1. Ooh, those nail polishes look really pretty!

  2. Sorry yesterday wasn't too good for you, Marie. Hopefully today is going better. :)

    Love the nail polish! And the rings are super cute!

  3. That last photo is awesome. Love the manicure!

  4. I've been messing around with painting my nails recently too! My Mom can't stop staring at my hands and sighing, am I really getting to old for nail polish the exact color of a starbucks straw? =) Don't worry about messy nails, just keep practing, you'll get the hang of it!=)

  5. So glad the rings suit you well and aren't giving you trouble! I am liking the nails :) Yummy! I keep my nails short at all times, too. I wear contacts, work on the computer, and practice piano and guitar once in a while. Sometimes I let them grow---but intentionally!

  6. Sorry Wednesday wasn't the greatest for you...Wednesday was horrible for me too..funny. My sister would D-I-E for some of the China Glaze nail polishes...they look really good on your hands too! I also keep my nails fairly short because I play piano and work with children all week, so in other words I have to! I will be looking forward to seeing your new clothes postings soon, Marie!

    Many Blessings,


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