Blogging Challenge {Day 9}

Day 19 & 20: A Talent And Hobby of Yours.

I am combining these as they both fit into one! I couldn't think of any talents (ha) so I asked my sister and mom and they both said "photography!" So I guess that's what I'm going to name for my talent. I don't really see it as such... but just as something I happen to love and enjoy. I'm glad someone thinks I have talent though! ^_^ hehe. Photography is a big hobby of mine, I really have fun with it and will probably start sharing more photos on here occasionally. Here are some recent photos I took in the park. (please no photo stealing! if you wish you use just let me know!)


  1. What a great photographer you are!! They are both amazing shots...the bench one is my fave;)

  2. I love the roses one ... but I like roses, so... :D

  3. Speaking of photos, I posted my Day 9: paischaros.blogspot.com

  4. I LOVE those pics!!! You did a great job!!


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