Blogging Challenge {Day 8}

Day 8: A Song That Makes You Cry.
I can't think of any one song that makes me cry on cue, but here are some of the saddest songs that are in my itunes library. :)

1} There You'll Be - Faith Hill
Pearl Harbor is such a sad movie, this song is heartbreaking as well!

2} Till Summer Comes Around - Keith Urban
Keith Urban is one of my favorite singers! I love most of his music. This song is particularly sad for me, I don't know why exactly. It just makes my heart ache when I hear it!

3} Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas -Judy Garland
Okay, I know. This is the odd one. I honestly think it's a tragic and sad song. Beautiful at the same time though. This is the only clip I could find that would let me embed it on my blog, it's a little long (the whole scene) but it's good to watch anyways. Meet Me In St Louis is probably my favorite old musical! ;D


And the very saddest song I've heard is Save You by Simple Plan. I don't approve of most of their music or band so I'm not going to post a video of it on here (although the song is clean). But the song, lyrics and the story behind it is really moving and it's definitely a tear jerker!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to look those up because for some reason the computer security software on my computer doesn't let me watch You-Tube videos on blogs. Weird, I know.

    Thanks for sharing! I have enjoyed reading the blog challenges shared. :-)



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