Blogging Challenge {Day 7}

Day 7: A Person You Admire.

There are a lot of people I could name but the first that came to mind is my Mother. I've seen her go through a lot of things, and through it all she is still as happy and cheerful as ever. She manages to keep a positive attitude about life and living, and has always light up our home with sunshine! She is one of most dedicated and disciplined women I've ever known, I don't know how she does it! I am the complete opposite, a procrastinator and not easily motivated. Looking at her it make me want to change and be more disciplined in my life. She has shown me that dreams come true, hard work pays off, people can change, being yourself is always best, and the need to live life to the fullest. I love her more than words can say and am so blessed to have her in my life! ♥

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  1. You had me confused, from seeing your post I thought today was supposed to be "person you admire", but that's day 15 :P

    My mother was the same way, and I too was (and still am) the exact opposite. My procrastination always bugged her to NO end, hah. I miss her :(

    My Day 7 post is up! http://paischaros.blogspot.com/2010/07/day-7-five-things-i-cant-live-without.html


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