Blogging Challenge {Day 12}

Day 27: A Physical Feature You Love.

Eyes. All of them. I think eyes are the most beautiful thing in the world. They can hold so many secrets, years of wisdom, pain, fear, love, happiness... they truly are the window to the soul! You can tell a lot by looking into someones eyes. As far as a specific feature...I find dimples irresistible! :)

Day 28: A Scar You Have And Its Story.

I opened a screen door over my foot once upon a time as a child... still have the beautiful scar. ;D


  1. I love eyes too! Especially big BROWN ones... or blue--- but i have blue so I don't find them as interesting.

    Oh, and dimples- MOST DEF! Madly in love with them.. so cute.

    love, makay

  2. I agree about the eyes...especially blue grey ones! My eyes are just brown, with a hint of green in them at times so I am not really impressed by my own eyes, but blue eyes have always captivated my interest.


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