Blogging Challenge {Day 10}

Day 21: Something You Know You Do Differently From Most People.

The way I eat french fries. I hate dipping them in catsup like most people do, it just grosses me out a little bit. I don't like the messiness of it. So I apply my catsup to each fry individually as I eat it. ^_^

Day 22: A Website.

...for fashion & fun; Polyvore.com
...for giveaways; International Giveaways.
...for news; Yahoo.com
...for recipes; All Recipes.com

Day 24: A Movie No One Would Expect You To Love.

Star Trek! A majority of my childhood was spent sitting next to my dad on the couch watching old episodes of Star Trek. I grew up around it and kind of ended up a fan without even knowing it. ^_^ I don't think most people would guess that I like it! I love the new Star Trek movie so much that came last year. I think they matched up the new actors to the old personalities really well, and well, ahem, Chris Pine can do no wrong! hehe. Okay I swear that he isn't the only reason why I like this movie!! :)


  1. I like the new Star Trek, too, and I'm not really into space movies. And YAY for Chris Pine! :-)

  2. Okay, so I I haven't seen the new Star Trek film yet...which is odd because my boyfriend and I are definitely a nerdy couple to say the least. I guess I'll have to netflix it! I was surprised to see that you like the film, Marie! :)

  3. Haha, I love the new Star Trek movie, too. (love Chris Pine but come on, Leonard Nemoy was there!!!!!) For me it was my mom who was a Star Trek nut that "forced" me to watch Star Trek all through my childhood :D

  4. @Pais, I love Leonard Nemoy! He is great. :)

    @DOTK, yes you definitely have to watch it sometime, it's a really good movie.

    @Polka Dot, I'm usually not such a fan of SciFi but I have a soft spot for Star Trek! :)


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