Don't you hate writing the first post on a new blog? You never know what to say, what to write about. It's a bit awkward actually. Kind of like when your grandma introduces you to her next door neighbor's grandson who happens to be in town, and then runs off leaving you both just... standing there. Yeah, uncomfortable to say the least. Well I guess this isn't that awkward!! I suppose introducing myself would be a good place to start typing, eh? So, I'm Marie in case you haven't found that out yet. Marie isn't my real name, but in this day and age a girl can't be too careful! There are some judgmental minions in the real world who sought to make my life miserable by finding dirt about me online, so in order to fool them I came up with the grand idea of having an alias. Genius, no? Mwahaha. I think yes. To be honest, I just wanted to have a place where for once I could be 100% honest and candid about things. Not have to worry about who was reading my blog only to run off and gossip about my life. I know I'm not perfect, there are many areas in my life that need improving. But one thing I'll never do is lie about it. I am what I am. This is me.



  1. The first post is always the hardest, most awkward to write. Not that your post was bad or anything... OK, shutting up now :) Looking forward to reading your future posts. And yay, I'm the first commenter! I feel special.

  2. I cringed through my first blog post lol. You did good ;) The first step is always the hardest (did I just say that... CORNY!!) Looking forward to your blogs ;)

  3. yea first post is the hardest. im new at blogging too. doin good tho!

  4. Well, I like what you're doing so far! lol, go alias people! ;)

    In Christ,


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