Summer Must Haves

Summer Must Haves

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1. Old Navy flip flops! I am slightly embarrassed to admit that most of my Summer days are spend in these! But because of recent knee issues I'm finding them to not be the most comfortable anymore. I'm on the prowl for new shoes to spend my Summer in!

2. Tote Bags. Canvas ones. The cheap kind. I just love being able to throw everything in there throughout the day, although the messiness and "omg my phone is ringing in the library and I'm trying to dig around with one hand to silence it but it seems to have been swallowed by my bag" moments are not so fun.

3. Belts!! I am a belt freak. I belt EVERYTHING. If something doesn't look right the first thing I do is see how it looks belted. Sometimes it's a miraculous change, annnd other times it looks like crap. But anyhow I really do love belts. They are essential to my Summer wardrobe!

4. Hats of alll shapes and sizes. But fedora's are definitely a favorite. I love being able to slip one on while having a bad hair day, and laughing to yourself all day knowing that you are the only person who knows you didn't do your hair. It's pretty great. Especially for girls like me who most of them time... don't get around to doing their hair every day!! ^_^

5. Bracelets are pretty much the only jewelry I wear for most of Summer. I don't like having much on my neck or fingers in the heat! That is probably just some weird pet peeve I suppose. I also break into hives a lot due to jewelry and I've found the only place not to are my wrists. So I love my bracelets. I like to mix and match and wear lots at the same time. I am kind of lusting after the cute set from Monsoon I have pictured!

6. Ahh my sunglasses. I like them huge. I look like a bug. or an alien. Depends on who you ask. ;) But I can't seem to stand wearing anything but the oversized. It's like once you wear them you can never go back to the normal human sized glasses. Although I should probably stick to the ones I look good in (aka, not the bug glasses), I'm happy when my eyes are happy. And out of the sun.

Bath & Body Must Haves:: Summer
Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

1. I cannot express how much I love the Clinique face care line. I've been using it since I was a preteen and it still works the best out of everything I've tried! Of course everyones skin is different, but for me this seems to do the job best! Especially a fan of the moisturizer...its the perfect amount of moisturizing for all around the year.

2. My two favorite colors of nail polish for the Summer! Silver is great. it blends in and is neutral, yet sparkles in the sunshine. And I don't know what you call that shade of pink, but it's my all time favorite for Summer. Bright and happy, yet classy and put together.

3. I would die without lip balm. In fact, I use it more than lip gloss or lip stick. A lot more. Soft Lips is one of my favorite brands lately, they have it with SPF like pictured, organic, tinted.... But the best part is how they melt right into your lips. There is nothing worse than lip balm that just sits on top of your lips! Gross.

4. I am a big fan of a good leave-in conditioner! It really helps simplify my Summer hair care regime. Most of the time its the only other product I use other than the shampoo and conditioner that I use in the shower. I personally use Senscience, but there are tons of great brands out there.

5. For years I never used hairspray. And now I have no idea why. It really can do so many things. Tame down little frizzies, add volume, hold curls, etc. I love Fructis, it tends to be flexible and non sticky!

6. For days when I want to wear my hair straight, I turn to some helpful straightening cream like Paul Mitchell has. It helps get it silky and hold the straightness for long hours. I have super wavy/curly hair so I need the extra help!

7. I know it seems obvious, but I definitely couldn't go without elastic hair ties and bobby pins in the Summer! Year around for that matter. In fact I'm one of those people who always has a few elastics around her wrist (classy I know!) and a little container for the pins in my purse. Cause you never know when you might need to put your hair up or pin back your bangs!! :)

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  1. Couldn't agree more about big, fun sunglasses!! Great post :)


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