Summer List scratch-outs

This weekend I was able to check off a few items from my Summer List. If you are new to my blog you can read all about my list here! :)

#17 Give a present to someone for no reason.
Well it was sort of for a reason I suppose but I think it still counts! I sent a small package with lots of little goodies in it to one of my best friends who is having a really hard time with life right now! Things can get so discouraging and overwhelming sometimes it makes you just want to give up...I know how she feels and I hope she'll be cheered up when she gets her present! Chocolate & shiny bling can definitely bring a smile to a girls face, no? :)

#24 Send 3 random cards out to friends/family.
Along with the package I took to the post office were three different cards to some friends and family! Everyone loves getting mail. :) I sent photos to my grandmother and funny cards to two friends that I know will make them laugh. It feels good to give even little things like mail. There is nothing better in the world than putting a smile on someones face I think!

I also went to one new outdoor cafe this past week (#3 on my list), actually I went there twice! The food was amazing and I can't wait to try out more new places. Only 2 more then I'll check it off of my list! :) I wanted to paint my nails fire engine red (#8) for the 4th of July but I forgot to pick up some new nail polish the last time I was in town. So hopefully I'll get some before then so I can have pretty patriotic nails for the 4th! :) I suppose that's it for today. Hope you have a fabulous day! XO, marie

PS Oh oh oh! Don't forget to enter the Shout It! Modest Fashion Show hosted by Natasha! It starts on Thursday, the 1st, so there isn't much time left! :) Click here to find out more and to join in on the fun!! :)


  1. Bright red fingernails are the best! Make sure and post a picture when you do it.

    Is the photo with the camera and WAY TOO CUTE shoes on the sidebar of you? It is an awesome picture!

  2. Your list is wonderful! I thought I was the Queen of List-Making (though not of List-Keeping), and I see I've just been de-throned. I think you can find a bagel recipe on allrecipes.com. I wish I could re-do my room, but I have no money to spare atm, so I think I'll wait until I have a penny more in my pocket. ;)

  3. Yes, the photo with the black heels in it is me!! :)

  4. I love fire truck red nailpolish. It doesn't match my personality very well though, but I love it anyways!

    Congrats on checking two things off of your list! I love summer and it's just flying by way too quickly!

    Have a great 4th of July, girly!


  5. I love getting random snail mail!


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