Stuck in a Canyon.

Thankfulness is something I see lacking so much these days in my life and others around me. Our days are filled with sickness, drama, heartache, problems, storms...it can so easily overwhelm and take over all the good things. Slowly we start getting consumed with all the bad going on in our lives. Sleepless nights, headaches, frowns, tears and pain. It's seriously depressing. After a while, you kind of just get stuck in it all. The rut turns into a canyon and you don't even know how to snap out of it. I know I know, what does this have to do with thankfulness, right? Hold on, I'm getting there! So here we are, stuck in this rut. Or in some cases, a canyon. Not even chocolate is helping. Believe me, I know... I've recently been in this giant hole and it's totally not a good place. When chocolate isn't helping you know it's got to be pretty bad. So what's a girl to do?

I started by trying to be thankful. I know it sounds like a weird place to start, but you have no idea how much it helped me move on. While looking around me and taking note of what was still good around me, I thanked God. By slowly starting to notice the little and simple things surrounding me I found myself going through my days so much happier! When I felt the warmth of the sunshine on my face I thanked Jesus. When I saw my family gathered together laughing, I thanked Jesus. I saw the prettiest little daisies growing wild in the park, I thanked Jesus. When I climbed into my crisp sheets at night I breathed thanks to Jesus. As I noticed the simple and smallest things in my life all over again I realized... hey, my life is pretty great! I do have a LOT to be happy and thankful about! I just had to stop long enough to remember. To see. To breathe.

We're not going to always have happy sunshiny days. Pain, storms and trials... and pms (ha)... are all a part of life just like anything else. But when faced with those things we always have a choice. After all, happiness has little to do with our circumstances, it comes from within. And that is something I am trying to learn more about every day. Xo, marie

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“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”


  1. I think it's definitely important to be thankful and content for the small things in life. If you just focus on the bad things, you'll smash all of the happiness in your life to smithereens. Wasn't that profound? :D

  2. yes... i used to be a very negative person, always focusing on the bad things in life. but i realized that that was sinning. so i decided to think positive...i decided not to focus on myself, but others. (and of course, mainly God)
    thanks for the post!


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