So I'm kind of a list freak...

:) there. I admitted it. I make lists for everything. Wish lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists, birthday lists, favorites list, song lists, lists of goals, pro and con lists... yeah I've got it bad!! Most of these lists end up sitting in a notebook in my room, on a scrape piece of paper in my purse or abandoned on the coffee table. I don't know why I write things down only to never read them again, but I think they really do help me to think things through and keep things everything focus and properly prioritized! Or just to get things out. :) I know I just said I usually forget about my lists, but I have one list in particular that I really want to check things off of... my Summer To-Do list. Essentially it's a collection of things I really need to get done, things I want to do, and ways to spend my time this Summer. If I don't check them all off by the end of Summer, it's ok. But I'd love to see how many I can do!! :) I am going to post my list below with some expanded explanations for each thing, and post a condensed version on the sidebar of my blog. I'll bold things as I accomplish them and at the end of the Summer I'll tally it up and see how much I was able to do! :) My list is going to start right now and will run until the end of September. I know that's a little long, but for me Summer usually lasts until October!! :) Well I think that is enough rambling from me for now... no need to keep going! Here is my list. Wish me luck! ^_^

ps. I might update my list from time to time as I think of more things to do!

Best summer Evere (: Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Drink more water. (I'm horrible about drinking enough water! I need to drink TONS more!)

2. Get a healthy tan. (haven't gotten one in so many years...this year i want one!)

3. Try 3 new street cafes. (i'm such a creature of habit and just visit the places i know! no more!! i am going to try new cafe's for lunch this summer.)

4. Go on a picnic.

5. Take a long hike.

6. Lift weights twice a week. (for 4 weeks in a row before I check it off!)

7. Hike my favorite peak.

8. Paint my nails red. (like, fire engine red baby. never done it before! don't know why. :)

9. Buy wedge sandals.

10. Keep legs in shape. (for snowboarding next winter!)

11. Make bagels. (anyone have a recipe?)

12. Visit go-cart track. (with my brother. we love it. just never get around to doing it much!)

13. Learn to sew. (gahh, i want to learn so bad!)

14. Try a new dessert.

15. Make s'mores.

16. Redecorate bedroom. (something else i've been putting off... hehee)

17. Give a present for no reason. (cause those are the best kind!)

18. Go fishing.

19. Act like a tourist. (a complete utter stupid clueless tourist. how fun!!)

20. Buy a magazine in a foreign language.

21. Take 10 amazing photos.

22. Wear crazy eye makeup. (in public. i usually stick to the normal neutral makeup looks. i wanna try something crazy!)

23. Get a floppy sun hat.

24. Send 3 random cards. (don't you love getting random mail?)

25. Make cute cupcakes. (must be realllly cute.)

26. Try a new gelato flavor. (again with the creature of habit. i always get mint. need to taste more!)

27. Bake a cheesecake. (never have!)

28. Eat dessert in the park.

29. Send a postcard. or five.


  1. I love lists!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway! :)

  2. Aw, love your list. I should make one. Except I always make lists and then forget about them... ;)


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