Maxi Dresses

Being under 5'4" I've always ignored maxi dresses, thinking they were just too long for me. (no need for people to think me smaller than I am! hehe) But lately I've seen them worn a lot and by shorty's like me too, and they just look fabulous. I love how cool, fresh and effortless they seem! So I'm on the prowl for some I can wear this Summer. I'm trying to find ones with a slimmer silhouette, not tons of gathers and fabric. I think it will help not to overwhelm my petite figure. Maybe? Just guessing. :) Here are some cute ones I've been looking at lately.

These are from Forever 21, I LOVE knit dresses, they are oh so comfy! I'd probably layer a tank under some of these for more coverage...

This is also from Forever 21, I ADORE the fabric. So dainty. But I have a feeling this style would probably make me look pregnant. Not so cool.

Who does not love Old Navy? It's the best! ;D I found this comfortable looking dress there. Reminds me of a pool coverup, but could easily be dressed up a bit I think.

The last one is from Gap. Which is equally awesome to Old Navy. although I must say, I always find the cute Gap stuff online, NEVER in store! Which is slightly annoying. I really prefer trying on things before buying but it seems like so much of the stuff I want is only online. Hm. Maybe I just happen to go to the miniscule Gap stores. Anyways, I really like this one, I think the print is really pretty. I love the florals that are in this season!! (Even though some of them are a little outdated IMO.)

And just to share the love... here were some helpful articles I found on wearing Maxi Dresses to fit your shape in case anyone is interested!!

The Chic Fashionista
Collage Fashion
Love To Know

Happy Sunday! ;D
Xo, marie


  1. yeah.. i love alot of those! i dont have one..but i would love to get one! (one that doesnt make me look pregnant.) lol

  2. why are they called "maxi dresses"??? just curious. I'm only four feet, 11 and three-quarters inches, so ya.... don't really know if a maxi dress would work on me or not. but yep! :)


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