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The story behind her modesty, on A La Modest by Rachel Dahl.

Some cute outfit lovin'...
I'm a sucker for stripes, I want this dress!
Great pencil skirt for Summer by Elaine.
Love the colors in this outfit, I never know what to wear with khaki!
Yellow is my all time favorite color...and this is a bridesmaid dress you can actually re-wear!

Retail therapy...
Fun teal tunic from Modcloth.
This dress would go fantastically with my cowgirl boots!! hehe.
I am a hat addict and am drooling over this cutie from Ruche!
Neutral earthy bracelets also from Ruche.

This office room makeover is adorable! Such inspiration!

-Ok this kid is amazing! I am so in luvvv with the classical guitar and right now I am super attached to his acoustic version of My Heart Will Go On.
-My favorite Keith Urban song at the moment, Til Summer Comes Around, it's just magical.
-Watched Pearl Harbor last week (one of my favorite movies!) so this song by Faith Hill has been in my head. It always gives me the chills!!


  1. I loved this post! I am always amazed by what other Christian girls are into and it just usually sounds so neat because every one has a different taste.


  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it Maggie!! :)


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